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Tennis Framing

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Famous Tennis Players-Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer Memorabilia for Sale

The Sports Framing Factory – Get The Best Tennis Memorabilia Within Budget

Capture those best tennis moments and display them proudly in a custom tennis frame. The Sports Framing Factory have everything you need regarding tennis memorabilia. We have a large selection of graphic designs and ideas that would make an ideal gi for any sports enthusiast from tennis coaches, tennis player or tennis lover. The perfect way to showcase your memorabilia and preserve it for years to come.

Customise your Sports memorabilia frame to suit your requirements

You can fully customise your sporting heroes’ memorabilia, for example, a Rafael Nadal fan can choose a Rafael Nadal Memorabilia frame with all the collectables like autographs, tennis balls, jerseys, magazines, photographs, etc. You can frame these individually or in a well-placed collage to combine each piece of memorabilia. You can also select the dimensional items like rackets, balls, and trophies and framed as well.

As a professional seller of sports frames, our team of experts can help you choose tennis memorabilia efficiently and promptly. Each of our staff members has years of experience in this industry and will endeavour to meet your specific needs and requirements. With the best standards in mind when it comes to protecting and preserving your precious memories, we endeavour to construct a frame tough enough to last for years to come.

Choose from hundreds of framing styles for sale. We also give our clients the option of personalised plaques within the Rafael Nadal Memorabilia.

Services that we offer:

Not all picture framers can help with professional jersey framing, that’s why our team at The Sports Framing Factory ensure we offer the best experts in framing.

  • Tennis ball and racket display cases include an option with engraving.
  • Professional framing for tennis jerseys includes an option with engraving.
  • Autographed jersey framing.
  • Autographed collage of your favourite tennis player.

The way we do your sports memorabilia framing work is rather simple.

  • We are present online all across Australia. This means that you can browse or contact our store anytime in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or from anywhere across Australia for your framing needs.
  • You order your chosen. Item to frame either via our website or you can order over the phone or email.
  • You send your item to be framed to us either by local drop off or by post (please register your parcel).
  • We contact you regarding your framing job via email and discuss what you want exactly.
  • We will design your item and send you a graphic mockup so you know what you are getting and are 100% happy with it. Once approved by you we will send into production.
  • We would do the work and return it to you within 2-3 weeks.

Why choose us?

When purchasing tennis memorabilia from us, you can enjoy several benefits. Our customers want to protect their precious tennis items and accessories signed by their favourite tennis players. At the Sports Framing Factory, we offer a range of display cases to provide protection of your favourite memorabilia like Roger Federer memorabilia from the risk of fading, dirt and dust build-up and other nasty elements.

The benefit of buying customised tennis memorabilia like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams is the Superior Quality and in-house custom framing. Our vast range makes it easier to find an item that best suits your requirements and matches your home decor. Our certified experts have years of experience in developing custom shadow boxes, which can proudly showcase all your items. Our staff are on hand to support you throughout the whole process.

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